Light of impossible stars (Embers of war #3) by Gareth L. Powell

*Previous books’ spoiler alert*

The Fleet of Knives are on the loose. Their assignment: prevent war and agression in the Multiplicity. Their method: preemtively destroy all war capable vessels. As a result commerce between planets is coming to a halt and societies are crumbling. Former warship the Trouble Dog and her captain Sal Konstanz are feverishly looking for counter measures.

The Fleet are hesitant to enter a special area called The Intrusion, which their creators used to flee this galaxy. The Intrusion is home to a number of habitable structures known as The Plates. One of these Plates houses Cordelia Pa, a scavenger. Cordelia has special powers and seems to be able to hear the Plates’ songs.

This final part of Embers of War continues the previous two books’ pace and provides a fine end to the series, but does introduce a number of fantasy elements less common in the previous books. New characters are introduced and explored in what is for space opera a good measure.

Personally, I would have enjoyed this book more it weren’t for the sudden introduction of more fantasy. Fantasy is alright but not my taste – however I can rate a fantasy book on its own merits. My main objection here is the sudden change. All of a sudden we now have dragons and witches with an (in my opinion) very thin expanation. I can live with Cordelia’s ‘ability to hear the Plates’ song but please explain to me exactly what it is instead of just her father mentioning it that he made it thus. So either explain and stick to more or less hard scifi or do not explain and just throw in magic, but please don’t force feed me fantasy by changing at two thirds of the series.

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