Reimagination (Singularity’s Children #4), by Toby Weston

Probably the final book in the Singularity’s Children series, Reimagination is continuing part three (Conflict) more than it is delivering the promised reimagination. It is still a gripping thriller and it’s good to read how things turn out for the main characters but it’s more an extension on the existing story line.

More than enough possibilities of biotech are laid out for us to ponder and a fine conclusion to the story is provided. Going by the series’ theme – the four phases of change being the four books’ titles: Denial; Disruption; Conflict; and Reimagination – I would have exepected this book to deliver more techno-utopia though.

The characters continue growing and, as is to be expected from a singularity, the plot is twisting nicely. I could have done without the shifting tenses, which I found a bit confusing at times, but it does help to remind what part of the story we’re reading. It’s fun to see Weston growing as an author and to him trying these things out.

The story’s scenery is one of developing and evolving technology and the influence that has on us. An underlying message, I think, is that we are the ones doing the developing and we can make choices here. Singularity’s Children is showing us one of many possible outcomes. We can add this one to our vocabulary to think about the future.

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