Script to take screenshots of VirtualBox VMs

Here’s an AutoHotKey script to take screenshots of Oracle VirtualBox VMs. The script takes a screenshot, saves it to your disk and places the image on your clipboard.

It uses IrfanView (free) to put the image on the clipboard. It assumes the path to i_view32, IrfanView’s main executable, is on your path.

F10 is the key to create the screenshot.

#SingleInstance, Force
SetTitleMatchMode, 2


WinActivate, [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

;Get VM name
WinGetTitle, VmName, [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox
StringReplace, VmName, VmName, [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

;Take screenshot
SendInput, {RCtrl Down}e{RCtrl Up}
WinWaitActive, Select a filename for the screenshot
SendInput, %FileName%{enter}
WinWaitClose, Select a filename for the screenshot

;Copy screenshot to clipboard
Run, i_view32.exe %FileName% /clipcopy /killmesoftly


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