Solved: Logitech SetPoint settings are lost after a reboot

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I have a Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX and I like to set the scrollwheel to send the Internet Back signal when I push it to the left and Internet Next when I push it to the right.

On several installations on Windows 7 SetPoint wouldn’t remember these settings between reboots and it slowly drove me insane. I tried installing the 64bit version of SetPoint and the 32bit version but it didn’t help. A whole lot of other things didn’t help as well.

The Device Manager showed me there are two identical Logitech HID-compliant Unifying Mouse devices.


Right-click one and open the Properties. On the General tab, click Change settings.


In the Logitech HID-compliant Unifying Mouse Properties window, click the Driver tab and click the Disable button. If your Disable button is greyed out it is because you didn’t click the Change settings button in the previous step.


This will either fix the problem or instantly disable your Logitech Mouse. If it disables your mouse, just Enable the driver again and disable the other Logitech HID-compliant Unifying Mouse.

Reboot, test, and rejoice.




  1. Tiger

    Great. worked just fine and even restored the lost setting.

    I use M705 with setpoint windows 10.

    the problem happened when I introduced my new mouse MX master with its new dongle receiver.

    Thank you…

  2. DBB

    This fixed a problem with my Performance MX mouse on Win 7 not retaining it’s settings in the user.xml file. I have two wireless mice for this single receiver so had to go through the steps twice to find out which entry was for each mouse and disable any other Logitech device. Works perfectly now. Thank you!!!

    My guess why this happens is each receiver retains all of the mice ever linked/paired to it and loads them as a device in case they are ever used. Not sure what determines which device gets its setting saved. Perhaps the first one in the list? My Performance MX mouse was the first entry and listed as Location 1 so… Regardless, disabling unused entries seems to resolve the problem.

  3. Alex

    Wow thanks so much for this. If only Logitech actually told all their customers this instead of the 100 years old boilerplate “Do a clean install” answer, there would be so much less frustration for everyone.

  4. Philip

    I am so sad that this fix didn’t work for me.

    I have edited my user.xml basically so that I could get button 4 and 5 on the side of the mouse to emulate Ctrl + Win + arrow to shift virtual screens (trust me it’s amazing!).

    However, the exceptions to buttons 4 and 5 in Office applications reset themselves every time i start up or restart setpoint. SOOOO annoying, and although I found a hidden duplicate device, after removing it I STILL have the problem mentioned above. Shame. The exception rules mean that, annoyingly, I cannot shift virtual screen if it so happens that Outlook or Word or Excel etc. are in focus at the time I press the buttons. You can override the settings using the Setpoint software and the overrides work, but get reset EVERY restart!! aaaaaaaagh.

    Great tip nonetheless, well done on finding it. I have mailed Logitech, I hope they can help!

    • Kapitein Vorkbaard

      This issue has existed for at least three and a half years now. I don’t expect Logitech will start taking an interest now. But you never know :D

  5. Russell

    F**king Awesome!

    Works for my M705 seven button mouse. Five buttons have custom Keystroke Assignments, so losing them a few times before I found your solution was doing my head in.

    I’m thinking I’ll name my first born after you.

  6. Anonymous

    It should be working if you have only a mouse.
    But if you are using a remote mouse and keyboard together, disabling the non-mouse device actually disables your keyboard.

  7. I can’t believe this worked after 6 years. The original answer was in 2013 and I honestly didn’t think it would work anymore after different versions and updates, etc. I’m running Win 10 ver 1809 with a Logitech M560. The only difference is the names in device manager are different.
    I have Logitech HID – compliant unifying mouse and HID – compliant mouse. I just disabled the HID – compliant mouse setting and after a reboot the settings stayed.
    You’re a genius Kapitein Vorkbaard! Thank you!

  8. FancyFace

    Used this process to solve an issue where my Logitech Wave keyboard wasn’t retaining the custom button settings. Didn’t have the change settings option, but I uninstalled the duplicate devices (both keyboards) and just re-paired the keyboard, and it’s working as expected now. Wouldn’t have thought to check Device Manager to troubleshoot, so thanks for this assist!

  9. Steve

    Is unifying software not compatible with SetPoint? I can disable my backup keybrd. But I use both a right- and left-hand mouse. Does that mean I cannot keep my wireless m/k SetPoint customizations thru reboot?

  10. Fock

    so many years later and still this fix works with the MX Master 2s!!!! Thanks so much to KAPITEIN VORKBAARD. BIG Shame on Logitech to have not solved this bug all these years.

  11. William P Kincy

    Thank you. Worked for me. And it is Dec 2020. Apparently Logitech has no plans to fix the mixup of multiple devices on one dongle.

  12. Scrif

    Note that in Windows 10 I don’t get the “Change Settings” button under the general properties in device manager. So I removed all but one keyboard (starting at the bottom) but DID NOT remove the driver, and then applied my settings in SetPoint. After a reboot the saved settings survived even though there were multiple keyboards again.

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